There are many issues each one of us have and all are important.  The hard part in a campaign is whittling down the list to those with the most impact on Texas and the Nation.  It is also made even harder by social media and those who distract us with the “today” important issues – those that are of personal rather than public importance.

Dominick Dina for Texas CD 20

  1.  Continued economic growth and development equals jobs, businesses, and fair trade around the world – working with the Chambers of Commerce
  2. Immigration and border security – hand-in-hand in some respects.  Security of the border will prevent human trafficking and the drug trade
  3.  Visible representation for the District members, Texas and the Nation – an honest, thoughtful representative who stands for everyone
  4. Infrastructure repairs and improvements – businesses go where their products and services can be delivered easily which creates jobs and personal wealth
  5. Military support for our bases and service members, their families and Veterans
  6. Constitutional rights guaranteed – all of them – no erosion of rights for the benefit of zealots
  7. Reduction or removal of federal participation in educational loan programs to lower the cost of tuition for higher education.  Return of shop and other vocational training in high schools.
  8. Reduce Federal involvement in State issues as originally designed by the Constitution – separation of Fed/State powers
  9. Adoption over abortion.  All lives must be preserved, protected and valued.  We must protect the most vulnerable.


While not an all inclusive list of what we would want to address, it is a good indication of what type of issues, programs, goals and benefits my office would fight for.  Representation of all citizens in the District, followed by Texas and the Nation are paramount in being a good servant to all.