We are very excited to launch this campaign for Texas 20th Congressional District.  The goal is to provide real, inclusive representation in Bexar County and San Antonio.  This was not a quick overnight decision.  It was made after much thought, discussion, prayer and observation of what has and has not happened here in Bexar County, San Antonio and Washington, D.C.  Dominick Dina for Texas CD 20

My name is Dominick Dina. It is with humility this campaign is started for proper representation of all the folks who live in Texas 20th Congressional  District.  You deserve a representative in Washington D.C. who truly represents everyone, not just those who are friends or financial supporters.  You deserve a representative willing to go the extra steps to reach out to the district.  A representative asking what issues are most important to you.  Someone who is visible interacts with the citizens of the district while listening to your concerns.

Everyone is encouraged to research  me and the projects, organizations and accomplishments over the years making our community a better place to live.  Being your representative in Washington D.C. is an awesome responsibility and challenge.  My goal is to do the best job possible for you, your family and your business.   Making America the best we can and making Texas the best state in the Nation are goals we can all support.  Please consider joining me to change the way business is done in Texas 20th Congressional District.  With your support, a better future is on our horizon.

US Congressional Texas District 20

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